Latest News

  • Website and Foundation Launch

    It has been some time in the making but we are so very proud to be able to now devote our time and efforts to fulfilling our mission. Jump for Haiti was brought into existence in 2013 and with your help we hope to positively affect the lives of many, many kids in Haiti.

  • Mizuno Lends a Hand

    One of our primary sponsors/partners, Mizunos has made known its intent to fully support Jump for Haiti. The company has sent over several boxes of athletic apparel to be disributed to kids in Haiti which we are to do in the very near future.

Founding Story

Although born and raised in the United States, Jump for Haiti founder Samyr Laine always felt an inextricable link to the country of his parents' birth. Samyr's first visit to Haiti didn't come until 2011, a year after the devastating earthquake of 2010. By this time he had already represented the country as an international track and field athlete for several years, but it was this trip that acted as the impetus for the establishment of Jump for Haiti.

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